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Per Gustav Albert Egnell 1833 – 1900

Here follows a lecture held by Arne Egnell and reproduced in ” The book about us ” written by Claes Henric Egnell. Even more facts are given in ”  Tracing my roots ” from the hand of Gérard Egnell, but let´s start of with the lecture.

In his first marriage Johan Egnell hade a son Albert, borned in 1833. He emigrated to California, where he digged for gold and found quite a lot. A little later his parents were told that he had been robbed and killed. This turned out to be somewhat exaggerated, since he during the 1870th´s contacted authorities i Linköping in order to recieve some knowledge of his relatives. A Swedish relative was found, that  had a son who had emigrated to the US where he was a druggist. The man wrote a letter to Albert beginning ” Dear Uncle ”, which later turned out to be of certain importance. This chemist and druggist started a correspondence and hereby it became known that Albert was robbed, but not killed. Albert then went north and found himself in the northern Canada in Clondyke area, even before the goldfever had started.

Albert was employed as manager for a tradestation, owned by Hudson Bay Company, a company having big business in furs in the region. Time went by and Albert married an indianwoman an became father of a son. As the boy grew up, it so happened that he by accident shot his father to death. His father left some assets, but due to canadian law, children with one white- and one indianparent, was not entitled to inherit the white partner.  The Hudson Bay- people made an investigation and  when they found the correspondence with the druggist, that man and his family inherited everything from this old trapper and the son recieved nothing.

This episod must be the most dramatic one in our family history. Arne Egnell tells that he has got the story verified by Landelius, Swedish author. Landelius told tha he had got a commission from US state to search upon Swedish emigrants fates before US 200year anniversary. He had found lots of  different Swedes and also Albert Egnell in the Hudson bay archives in London. He told that there is a village, a mountain and lake in Canada namned after Egnell. The mountain is later renamed, but the lake still is ” Egnell Lake ”.

( The relative that inherited seems to be Bengt Egnell, borned 1860, and who emigrated to US, where he married and had many children. Albert in fact was real uncle to Bengt, son of Oskar – the brother of Johan. Alberts son was named Mac Donald ).

Ugh! Ugh!  Me know, Me talk !

Squaw and McDonald

Well, well, well ! This is not the story told by my Mum. She claimed that the relatives here in Sweden also wanted a share and so they hired a couple af lawyers. After a considerable time and costs, each and everyone recieved the giant sum of 5 $. And the wealthiest law firm in the US was established.



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